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走出黑暗 我变得疲倦而又枯槁 我厌倦了迈步 我忙着消除死亡的声音 万物改变 人世冷酷 我不想这种黑暗再出现在我脑海 在一个遥远而又遥远的地方,我正躺在恒星遥远的角落 在这些暴力的日子中我只是想知道你在何方 甚至那些傻瓜他们也说能找到离开...

歌曲名:Lead Me Out Of The Dark 歌手:Crown The Empire 专辑:Limitless Crown The Empire - Lead Me Out Of The Dark QQ : 349777127 It's not quite a mystery. I'm the one who's insecure, you're the one that makes believe, that we're a...

黑暗之外。 【亲,请点击右上角的“采纳”,麻烦支持一下,谢谢啦,祝您身体健康,工作顺利,学习进步。】

歌曲名:Out Of The Dark (Sound Therapy: Serenity Album Version) 歌手:David Lyndon Huff 专辑:Sound Therapy: Serenity I'm burnt out and wasted. I'm tired of pacing. I'm busy erasing voices of the dead. Everything changes, And ever...


歌曲名:Coming Out Of The Dark 歌手:Gloria Estefan 专辑:Best Of coming out of the dark Gloria Estefan why be afraid if i'm not alone though life is never easy the rest is unknown up to now for me it's been hands against stone sp...


In the darkness of the world, only you like a star, guide me out of the darkness. 在黑暗的世界里,只有你像一个明星,指引我走出黑暗。

A 试题分词:考查形容词用法。Tired劳累的;frightened害怕的;这两个形容词都是用来修饰主语the poor man的情况的。句意;又累又怕,那个可怜的人从黑色的洞穴里跑了出来。故A正确。点评:本题中的形容词tired and frightened是对句子主语the p...


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