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what do you said? 你说了什么? 是个错句子 正确的是what did you say? 例句 What did you say? 'cried my sister, beginning to scream. 你说什么?我姐姐喊着,开始尖叫起来,哎哟! Excuse me? What did you say? I couldn't hear you. 什...

应该是“What you said is right". 句意“你所说的都是对的。”主语是“What you said",所以用三单 望采纳!


Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. 我妈妈说:“生活就像一个装满巧克力的盒子,你永远不会知道你将得到什么样的。” 这句话是出自于电影《阿甘正传》的。

may i feel said he by e.e.cummings may i feel said he 可以抱抱你吗?他说 i'll squeal said she 我会叫的 她说 just once said he 就...

应该是变宾语从句吧?即 My father asked what I was doing . / my father asked what your were doing .

视频中的歌曲是: 歌名:The Island 演唱:Pendulum You arrive, in the rising sun. The hidden passenger, that I've been taking. Close your eyes, let's forget again. As you drag me down, I will take you in. What are you waiting for...

hina and Australia have

let's go said he 让我们去说他 not too far said he 不远的他说 what's too far said he 太远了他说什么 where you are said she 你说她在哪里 may i stay said he 我可以在说他吗 which way said she 她说哪条路 like this said he 这样说他 i...

A A 考察动词时态。—David,你在听我讲吗?—对不起,爸爸。我刚刚在尽力良好记者所讲的内容。分析语境可知尽力理解记者所讲内容,这一动作发生在刚刚爸爸讲话的时候,故使用过去进行时。

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